What Flowers Are Suitable for Outdoor Summer Weddings?

What Flowers Are Suitable for Outdoor Summer Weddings?

Picking heat-resistant flowers that still look beautiful is a must when having a summer wedding outside.

Several flowers flourish in the summer heat and are perfect options to add beauty to wedding ceremonies.

The bright yellow petals of sunflowers exude an irresistible sense of excitement and warmth, making them the perfect flower for an outdoor summer wedding.

The brilliant colours and strong nature of these flowers make them a wonderful choice for bouquets, centrepieces, and other party decorations, creating an upbeat and welcoming atmosphere.

Cheerful daisies are another great option for summer weddings. Daisies, with their delicate yet endearing appearance, bring a sense of innocence and playfulness to bouquets.

Daisies, which come in a variety of colours like white, pink, and yellow, are perfect for centrepieces, bouquets, and even aisle decorations because of the carefree and summery vibe they generate.

Hydrangeas are perfect for summer weddings because they are beautiful, full blooms that come in a variety of colours (white, blue, pink, and purple, to name a few).

You may use these large flower arrangements as centrepieces or in bouquets to give an air of refined sophistication to any design.

Not only can hydrangeas withstand the heat, but they also add a delightful and refreshing touch to outdoor summer parties, enhancing the attractiveness of the season.

Adding these hardy and beautiful flowers to your summer wedding bouquet is a surefire way to make the ceremony and reception more beautiful and unforgettable, even in the heat of summer.

The Importance of Floral Bouquets for Weddings

Simply said, a flower bouquet is an arrangement of flowers.

This art form may appear simple at first glance, yet it may end up being the most challenging thing you've ever faced. One reason there aren't more florists in the world is because of this.

But if you want to make one only to make that specific someone happy, you need to know what goes into a whole bouquet.

The bit about making the arrangements, though, will certainly be up to your imagination.

There are three main varieties of handheld bouquets: nosegay, crescent, and cascade.

Talking bouquet, or tussie-mussie, is the more popular name for a nosegay arrangement.

The word "nosegay" first appeared in Middle English in the fifteenth century, when it was a portmanteau of the words "nose" and "gay," the latter of which denoted an adornment.

Consequently, a "nosegay" is usually a decorative item meant to entice the nose or nostrils.

Nosegays were a common wedding present during the Victorian era and are still given today.

Roses of varying colours should be tightly packed into a nosegay bouquet and their stems should be wrapped with floral tape.

Nevertheless, a plethora of alternative nosegay varieties have emerged in recent times. That being said, you are free to use anything from a plain flower to a captivating plant.

The crescent moon is the inspiration for the crescent bouquet's shape. Therefore, a perfect arrangement would feature delicate white blossoms curled around a slender container.

To help you visualise how to arrange the bouquet, picture a hand holding a plant that is drooping horizontally.

You could be under the impression that these arrangements are wreaths. The crescent is nearly half-circular, whereas wreaths are entirely round.

Your loved one is likely to adore it, so don't think twice about giving it to them.

The cascading bouquet is reserved for weddings alone, as opposed to the more common crescent or nosegay shapes.

The bouquet of cascading bouquet is full and dramatic at the bride's hands but gradually loses its heft as it falls. From a distance, it appears to form a 'V' shape.

The flowers chosen for this arrangement should not be chosen at random. Your bridal bouquet should ideally complement the flowers that were used throughout the ceremony.

As long as there are a lot of identical flowers, it's not important which ones they are.

Sure, you can combine a variety of flower types in a single arrangement.

Orchids, tiger lilies, calla lilies, and roses are common floral choices for cascading bouquets. It is your wedding, so feel free to be creative—just don't go overboard, though.

The spherical wedding bouquet is another option.

Though similar to the nosegay, the flowers in a spherical bouquet are expertly placed to create a unique design.

Nosegays can be made with any type of flower, although round bouquets often call for round flowers without flat petals.

The roses are just as described. Be sure to add baby's breath to each blossom for added beauty.

The Flowers Used for Summer Weddings

The lovely splendour of nature, the gentle whisper of foliage, and the warm embrace of summer sunshine all combine to create the magical ambience of outdoor summer weddings.

Picking up the perfect flowers is an important part of organising your big day. If you want to create an enchanting ambience, it's essential to choose flowers that can withstand the summer heat and keep looking beautiful all day long.

This post will discuss the best options for outdoor summer wedding flowers, including some eco-friendly alternatives, such as sola wood flowers.


Sunflowers exude an indisputable sense of joy. They are perfect for summer outdoor weddings because their bright yellow petals exude pleasure and warmth.

Sunflowers are the ideal flower to use for a wedding because of their radiant beauty and the way they harmonise with country and rustic decor.

Sunflowers, whether they are part of the venue decor, bouquets, or centrepieces, will provide a touch of summery joy to your wedding.


Roses come in a rainbow of colours, making them a flexible choice for any wedding colour palette.

They are the embodiment of classic beauty. When planning an outdoor summer party, think about using hardy rose varietals like garden or spray roses.

In spite of the scorching summer weather, these hardy flowers will keep their beautiful appearance, guaranteeing that your bridal bouquet will look beautiful all day long.


Summer weddings are perfect for those who want a splash of colour, and dahlias are a great option.

These stunning flowers are a favourite among modern brides because they come in a wide range of sizes and colours.

Your special day will be enhanced with a lovely explosion of colours thanks to the diversity of dahlias, which allows for inventive and eye-catching arrangements.


Hydrangeas are one of the few flowers that can make one feel both luxurious and enchanted.

Their large, showy flowers are perfect for making whimsical and enchanted centrepieces for a wedding.

Hydrangeas will not wilt if kept well hydrated for a summer outdoor wedding. These beautiful flowers, when given the attention they need, will elevate your party to a more refined level.


Asiatic and Oriental lilies in particular are known for their stunning beauty and enduring appeal, qualities that are well-suited to the enchantment of a summer wedding.

You can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outdoor event by simply incorporating lilies, which come in a range of colours, into bouquets and centrepieces.


If you're looking for a splash of colour and celebration, zinnias are the way to go.

Brighten up your summer wedding with these vibrant flowers, which are known for their lively personalities and vibrant colours.

Your visitors will be enchanted by the carefree vibe of the party when you incorporate zinnias into your arrangements and decorations.


Because of its low cost and fragile nature, Baby's Breath is an excellent choice for filling out flower bouquets.

It is perfect for an outdoor summer wedding since its small, fluffy flowers set a soft, romantic mood.


The rustic charm and entrancing aroma of lavender make it a unique choice for a summer wedding.

The delicate scent of lavender will bring a sense of calm and sophistication to your wedding, whether it's used as a centrepiece, a bouquet, or as a memento.


Delphiniums are a wonderful option for an outdoor summer wedding if you are aiming for an elegant and refined aesthetic.

Elevate your flower arrangements with these towering blossoms, which come in a spectrum of blue and purple shades.


Snapdragons are highly ornamental and provide height to flower arrangements due to their striking spike-like appearance.

These beautiful flowers, which come in a rainbow of hues, would be a lovely accent to your outdoor wedding décor.

Why an Outdoor Wedding Is the Perfect Choice

An outdoor wedding has an air of mystery and beauty about it.

These five advantages of having a wedding outside, such as the natural light and the whimsical setting, can make you want to start making plans right away!

Natural Landscape

Having the ceremony and reception in a beautiful outside location is a huge perk.

The setting is already there should you opt to have your wedding ceremony outside.

Garden settings are unrivalled due to their abundance of fresh foliage, natural lighting, and immaculate landscaping.

Crooked Oaks is just one example of a wedding venue that may be customised to fit your specific style. Make your special day more memorable by having nature serve as the backdrop.

Photographs taken during a wedding can also benefit from natural light. Natural light that is gentle and diffused looks well on everyone.

Greater Room

With an outside ceremony, you'll have more room to move about. Compared to their indoor counterparts, outdoor venues are frequently roomier and more adaptable.

Your ceremony and reception might take place in different sections of the venue, or you can create a quiet space where visitors can relax without leaving the action.

Anxieties in the post-pandemic environment can be alleviated by being outdoors, enjoying greater space, and breathing in the fresh air. Your guests will appreciate the extra room to stretch out in comfort.

More Private And Intimate

An outdoor wedding also allows for more personalisation and intimacy, which is a huge plus.

Nature, loved ones, and companionship all contribute to a more intimate experience. Personalise your space by adding photos, keepsakes, and other relevant objects that reflect your personality.

The vastness of nature transforms into a blank slate where you can create your own unique haven.

Saving Money

Another way to cut costs is to hold the ceremony and reception outside.

We already established that the outdoors can serve as a stunning background, so adding furnishings isn't always necessary.

Spending less money is possible with less decorations.

Suitable For Children

Interruptive little child? Sad little one? Outdoor venues do not have either of these problems. Your little visitors will appreciate the extra room during an outdoor wedding, both during and after the ceremony.

To make the reception even more kid-friendly, you can incorporate some outside games. A craft station, bubbles, or cornhole are all entertaining alternatives.


For summer weddings that take place outside, you need flowers that can handle the heat and stay beautiful all day.

Sunflowers, daisies, and hydrangeas are all good choices for making a happy and friendly space.

Sunflowers make bouquets feel happy and warm, while daisies make them feel innocent and fun. Hydrangeas have lovely, full flowers that come in many colours and are great for bouquets or table centrepieces.

Bouquets of flowers are a must for making the service and reception more beautiful and memorable.

The three main types of blooms you can hold in your hand are the nosegay, the crescent, and the cascade. Nosegays are artistic items that are meant to please the nose or nostrils.

Crescent bouquets, on the other hand, have small white flowers curled around a thin vase.

Cascading bouquets are only used at weddings, and they should go well with the other flowers used in the event. For cascading bouquets, orchids, tiger lilies, calla lilies, and roses are all popular flowers to use.

Expert florists place spherical wedding bouquets to make one-of-a-kind patterns, and any kind of flower can be used in a nosegay.

You can use roses in spherical designs, but baby's breath will make them look even better.

Outdoor summer weddings have a magical feel because of the beauty of nature, the soft whisper of leaves, and the warm embrace of summer weather.

Select flowers that can stand up to the summer heat and stay pretty all day to create a romantic atmosphere.

For summer weddings outside, you can also use eco-friendly options like sola wood flowers.

Because they are so beautiful and versatile, roses, dahlias, hydrangeas, lilies, Baby's Breath, lavender, delphiniums, and snapdragons are all good choices for weddings that take place outside.

Roses come in a huge range of colours, so they can be used with any wedding colour scheme.

These dahlias are great for summer weddings because they come in many colours and sizes.

Lilies are known for their beauty and long-lasting appeal, while hydrangeas are fancy and magical.

For a splash of colour and a party, zinnias are a great choice. Baby's Breath, on the other hand, is a cheap and fragile flower that can be used to fill out vases.

The natural beauty and enticing smell of lavender will make your wedding feel both calm and elegant.

The delphinium is classy and beautiful, and the snapdragon is very pretty and gives flower arrangements height.

There are five good things about having a wedding outside: natural light, more space, being more private and personal, saving money, and being okay for kids.

Outdoor weddings are memorable because of the natural scenery, new plants, and well-kept landscaping.

Guests can enjoy the fresh air and the fresh air. Outdoor sites are also great because they let you make a unique space for your guests. Lastly, outdoor sites are good for kids because they have more space during and after the ceremony.

Content Summary

  • Selecting heat-resistant flowers is crucial for outdoor summer weddings.
  • Flowers that thrive in summer heat enhance the beauty of wedding ceremonies.
  • Sunflowers, with their bright yellow petals, evoke excitement and warmth for summer weddings.
  • Sunflowers are perfect for bouquets, centrepieces, and decorations, creating an upbeat atmosphere.
  • Cheerful daisies bring a sense of innocence and playfulness to summer wedding bouquets.
  • Daisies in white, pink, and yellow are ideal for centrepieces and aisle decorations.
  • Hydrangeas, with their full blooms in various colours, add sophistication to wedding designs.
  • Hydrangeas withstand heat and provide a refreshing touch to outdoor summer parties.
  • Hardy and beautiful, hydrangeas enhance the beauty of summer wedding bouquets.
  • Floral bouquets, though seemingly simple, require artistic skill and creativity.
  • Handheld bouquets include nosegay, crescent, and cascade varieties.
  • Nosegay arrangements, popular during the Victorian era, feature tightly packed roses.
  • Crescent bouquets imitate the shape of a crescent moon, creating a unique design.
  • Cascading bouquets, reserved for weddings, form a dramatic 'V' shape.
  • Bridal bouquets should complement flowers used throughout the ceremony.
  • Spherical bouquets, similar to nosegays, showcase expertly placed flowers in a unique design.
  • The lovely ambience of outdoor summer weddings requires carefully chosen flowers.
  • Flowers that withstand summer heat are essential for an enchanting wedding atmosphere.
  • Sunflowers exude joy and harmonise with rustic decor for outdoor summer weddings.
  • Roses, available in various colours, are a classic choice for summer weddings.
  • Dahlias offer a splash of colour and diversity for modern brides in summer.
  • Hydrangeas create whimsical and enchanted centrepieces, perfect for summer weddings.
  • Lilies, both Asiatic and Oriental, add elegance and enduring appeal to outdoor events.
  • Zinnias bring a splash of colour and celebration to vibrant summer weddings.
  • Baby's Breath, with its low cost and fragile nature, fills out flower bouquets beautifully.
  • Lavender's rustic charm and entrancing aroma provide a unique touch to summer weddings.
  • Delphiniums offer an elegant and refined aesthetic with their towering blossoms.
  • Snapdragons, highly ornamental, add height and striking appearance to flower arrangements.
  • Outdoor weddings offer a mysterious and beautiful atmosphere.
  • Natural light and whimsical settings make outdoor weddings appealing.
  • The natural landscape provides a stunning backdrop for outdoor ceremonies.
  • Crooked Oaks is an example of a customisable wedding venue with natural beauty.
  • Natural light enhances wedding photographs with gentle and diffused illumination.
  • Outdoor venues offer more room and flexibility compared to indoor options.
  • Outdoor ceremonies and receptions can take place in different sections of the venue.
  • An outdoor setting provides comfort and alleviates post-pandemic anxieties.
  • Outdoor weddings allow for personalisation and intimacy.
  • Nature, loved ones, and companionship contribute to a more intimate experience.
  • Personalise the space with photos, keepsakes, and objects reflecting your personality.
  • The vastness of nature becomes a blank slate for creating a unique wedding haven.
  • Holding the ceremony and reception outside can save money on decorations.
  • The outdoors serve as a stunning background, reducing the need for additional furnishings.
  • Outdoor weddings are suitable for children, providing extra room and entertainment options.
  • Outdoor venues eliminate issues with disruptive or sad little ones during the ceremony.
  • Kid-friendly activities like craft stations, bubbles, and cornhole can enhance the reception.
  • An outdoor wedding offers a natural and beautiful backdrop.
  • The setting is ideal for creating a memorable day with nature as the backdrop.
  • Outdoor ceremonies allow for more personalisation and creativity.
  • Outdoor weddings provide a unique and intimate experience for couples and guests.
  • The natural setting and open space contribute to a relaxed and enjoyable celebration.

FAQs About Wedding Flowers

How Do You Choose The Right Flowers For A Wedding?

The choice of wedding flowers often depends on factors such as personal preferences, the wedding theme, color scheme, seasonality of flowers, availability, and the overall style desired for the event.

When Should You Order Wedding Flowers?

It's advisable to consult with a florist and place orders for wedding flowers several months in advance to ensure availability and allow time for preparation and arrangements.

What Types Of Flowers Are Commonly Used In Wedding Bouquets And Arrangements?

Roses, peonies, hydrangeas, tulips, lilies, orchids, and ranunculus are popular choices for wedding flowers due to their beauty, versatility, and availability in various colors.

How Can You Incorporate Personal Touches Into Wedding Flower Arrangements?

Personal touches can be added by including flowers with sentimental value, using colors or blooms that hold significance for the couple, or integrating family heirlooms into the arrangements.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Budgeting For Wedding Flowers?

Factors such as the types of flowers chosen, the size and complexity of arrangements, seasonal availability, and the number of floral elements needed all impact the overall cost of wedding flowers.

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