How Do You Incorporate Flowers Into a Wedding?

How Do You Incorporate Flowers Into a Wedding?

One of the enjoyable parts of planning a wedding is choosing flowers.

First, you consult with your florist on the varieties of flowers and colour palettes you'd want to use.

Planning where to place floral arrangements at your wedding venue and ceremony site is the next step after you've settled on the flowers themselves.

You and your florist might benefit from going over a wedding flower checklist, whether you plan on sticking to the basics or going all out. 

Using a checklist, you can avoid forgetting any of the essential floral decorations for your wedding. Remember to factor in the wedding cost as you make your list. Save money on wedding flowers if you want money for other wedding costs.

Here, we’ll guide you in incorporating flowers into your wedding. From flower selection to flower care to florist choice, we’ve got you covered/

The Role Of Flowers In Weddings

Since ancient times, flowers have represented both love and joy. Flowers have been used to symbolise new beginnings and fertility at weddings since the Roman Empire. 

Wedding flowers have traditionally played an important part due to the positive emotions they inspire, their aesthetic value, and the romantic atmosphere they serve to establish.

The Value Of Preparation

The success of your wedding flower arrangements depends on careful preparation.

It's important to consider price and seasonality when choosing the flowers for your wedding.

Identifying a floral designer who fits your aesthetic and is ready to work within your financial constraints. 

If you put in the work, the centrepieces of your wedding will be the beautiful flower arrangements you created yourself.

How To Choose The Right Flowers

If you don't frequently order or work with flowers, choosing the arrangements for your wedding could seem like a daunting undertaking.

So here are a few pointers to remember when you shop for your wedding flowers and bouquets.

Think About Seasonal Factors For Your Wedding Day

Flowers are brought to Australia from all over the world. However, there are still limitations due to seasonality on what is guaranteed to be available at any moment. 

Peonies, for instance, only reach their peak of beauty in November.

Peonies are at their best in November, though you might see them in October or December if the weather is mild. 

Peonies are another flower commonly imported throughout the summer months. However, this might vary yearly depending on factors such as the weather or the flower's popularity abroad.

Learn the flowers available for your wedding and when they are in season.

Choose A Flower's Colour, Texture, Or Both

So, you've fallen in love with ranunculus, one of our favourite field flowers, but you find out it's not in season in March.

So, saddened by losing such a beautiful flower, you search for a suitable substitute. 

When this occurs, you should ask yourself what it is about the flower that appeals to you the most: its fullness and shape, its texture, or its colour.

Suppose you describe the qualities that you appreciate most in flowers.

In that case, a florist can recommend similar flowers that are in season at the same period.

Explore Bookstores, Florists, And Pinterest

This may seem like a silly proposal, but think about how often you've passed a gorgeous flower in a store without stopping to find out its name. 

Take photos of flowers you like on your phone, jot down notes when you see something you like, or try a flower identification app if you're feeling very tech smart.

If you want to get ideas from publications, remember that most bridal magazines are issued and styled each season, so ask around to see if anyone has any back issues from the years before your wedding.

The clothes may be from last year, but the flowers are always in season.

Use these resources to learn the language used by florists and floral designers when discussing flowers. 

What, for instance, separates a dome configuration from an unstructured one?

How extensive do you want the greenery in your arrangements to be? Do you want it all around the "collar," in a few strategically placed points, or nowhere at all?

Find bridal flower arrangements you like, and dissect them to see what you like best.

Gather Materials For A Model

A "mock" of your bouquet or arrangements is typically organised two to four weeks before the big day. 

Making a mockup can help you and your stylist visualise the final product.

To save the cost while still getting a taste of what's on offer, you can assemble a mock on a smaller scale using the same materials.

Decorations For A Wedding That Include Flowers

One of your life's most memorable and heartfelt days is when you tie the knot.

The right bouquet can brighten a room with romance and beauty. But how many different kinds of wedding flowers are there? 

Here are some suggestions for bridal flower arrangements to help you in your decorative planning.

Every Detail

The standard flower arrangements at a wedding are easy to recall, but the personalised touches will really stand out to your guests.

These miniature arrangements are perfect for your wedding's accent flowers.

Before The Sun Rises

On the morning of your wedding, you will find a beautiful bouquet waiting for you.

Having your wedding day arrive can feel weird, but it should also be one of the most memorable days of your life. 

Pick up a second bouquet of bridal flowers the day before the ceremony by placing an extra order.

Please put them in an adorable vase and keep them on your nightstand.

Then, on the morning of your wedding, you will be greeted by a stunning display of blossoms.

In Preparation

You and your bridesmaids will spend the morning of the wedding relaxing and getting ready.

During this time, you and your bridal party will get your hair and makeup done, eat, drink champagne, and chat with your friends about the upcoming wedding. 

Place bouquets of wedding flowers all over your suite or dressing area.

You can sprinkle edible petals in your champagne glasses or place miniature floral arrangements in vases throughout the area.

Favours For A Wedding

You can include some of the flowers from the wedding in the favours you give to your guests.

For example, wrap a small bottle of wine with ribbon and affix a single flower to the top, or use the same technique to decorate additional wedding favours.

Facts And Image

Your wedding photographer will photograph details like invitations, watches, rings, flowers and perfume.

Let the photographer know if you want specific flowers included in the images.

After The Wedding

The only thing more romantic than a room full of rose petals after the wedding is over.

On the morning of the wedding, have a friend or family member visit the room and scatter a small bag of flower petals around the bed.

The petals are essential to any romantic evening.

Flowers For The Wedding Ceremony

The moment you and your partner finally say "I do" during your wedding will be one you'll never forget.

Check out these flower arrangements for the ceremony:


Your bridal bouquet will be one of the most memorable aspects of your floral wedding arrangements.

You'll hold this beautiful bouquet as you make your first steps towards your future spouse down the aisle.

Your attendants' bouquets will be miniature versions of the one you carry as the bride.

Petals From A Flower Girl 

The bride traditionally walks last in the ceremony procession.

This is why the flower girl traditionally leads the procession down the aisle.

The flower girl's job is to either hold a small bouquet or throw petals down the aisle as you go in.

Wedding Aisle Flowers

The aisle will be the site of numerous photo ops during your wedding.

Decorating the aisle with flowers will help create a scene straight out of a fairy tale.

To bring the outdoors in, scatter petals along the middle of the aisle, hang flower garlands from the backs of the aisle seats, or line the aisle with a floral garland.

Ceremonial Flowers

You and your significant other may be participating in a flower ceremony. Your bridal flower plan might incorporate traditions from various countries and eras.

Arranging An Arbour Or A Scenic Backdrop

The ceremony will revolve around you and your future spouse.

Therefore, it is essential that the background be as beautiful as possible.

Add flowers or greenery as a backdrop to the arbour to make it more wedding-ready. 

You and your spouse will always be able to enjoy the stunning floral arrangements during your wedding by looking at your wedding photos.

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Florist

Follow as many wedding florists as you can on Instagram to understand their style and methods.

Incredible floral designers for weddings may be found in any major city.

Saving Money On Your Flowers

  • Communicate with your wedding florist about your flower budget. You could talk about a target range you'd like to adhere to. This will allow for some leeway in creativity and provide a ceiling beyond which your florist should not go.
  • Find some aspiring florists to talk to. Younger employees at major flower shops sometimes take on freelancing labour to build their resumes. Explore flower arranging classes and flower design universities in your area.
  • Make use of yearly flowers. Indeed, it is noticeable. And it makes for a look more in keeping with the season. If there is a particular flower you have your heart set on for your wedding arrangements, but it isn't in season, your florist can advise you on alternatives.
  • If you want the bouquets and other focal points of your floral arrangements to really pop, hire a professional florist, but do the rest of the arrangements yourself.
  •  Florists who specialise in weddings won't take exception to this. 
  • Replace some flowers in your table arrangements with herbs, and use more foliage. Consider various table centrepiece alternatives, such as candles, ribbons, old books, decorative jars, bottles, and books.


The book focuses mostly on the significance of flowers during weddings, the benefit of planning ahead, and tips for selecting the best flowers for the big day. 

Flowers have long played a significant role as a symbol of fresh beginnings and fertility due to their positive connotations, aesthetic value, and romantic ambience, and this practice dates back to the Roman Empire. 

Finding a floral designer that shares your style and is willing to work within your budget limits is just as crucial as considering pricing and seasonality when selecting the flowers for your wedding.

Find out what kinds of flowers can be used in your wedding and when they're available. Pick a flower for its hue, its texture, or both.

Check out some bookshops, some flower shops, and Pinterest.

Get up to speed on the jargon used by flower experts and designers.

Two to four weeks before the big day, gather items for a mockup. Use floral arrangements as wedding decor.

The text's suggestions for bridal flower arrangements are the most crucial information.

A second arrangement of wedding flowers, arranged in an exquisite vase and left on the nightstand until morning, is a lovely touch.

Flowers should be spread out over the room or dressing area as a first step. 

Favours could be miniature versions of the bouquets.

Photographs should offer both factual and illustrative information.

After the wedding, have a loved one or friend sprinkle the bed with flower petals.

The ceremony flowers at a wedding should be the focal point of the decor. The flower girl traditionally walks ahead of the bride throughout the ceremony.

Flowers should line the aisle to make it look like something out of a storybook. 

The ceremony flowers can reflect a variety of cultural and historical customs, and a picturesque arch or backdrop will complete the setting.

In order to learn from the best wedding florists, follow them on Instagram and study their techniques.

Talk to your florist about your financial constraints, and seek out young florists with aspirations.

Use annual flowers for a look that's more seasonally appropriate.

If you want the flowers, hire a florist but handle the rest yourself.

Think about some alternate focal points for the tables.

Content Summary

  • You should first talk to your florist about the types of flowers and colour schemes you have in mind.
  • Once you've chosen the flowers for your wedding, the following step is to plan their placement at the reception and the ceremony.
  • Whether you're just doing the bare minimum or going full out, you and your florist may benefit from going over a wedding flower checklist.
  • Using a checklist, you can make sure that all of the necessary floral embellishments for the wedding are acquired.
  • Don't forget to add up the whole wedding cost as you make your plans.
  • If you need money for other wedding expenses, cutting back on the flowers is a good place to start.
  • In this article, we will show you how to include flowers in your wedding properly.
  • Preparation is the key to beautiful wedding flower arrangements.
  • When planning your wedding's floral arrangements, keep both budget and availability in mind.
  • If you put in the time and effort, the stunning flower arrangements you made yourself will be the focal points of your wedding.
  • Choosing the floral arrangements for your wedding may seem like a huge task if you don't usually place flower orders or work with flowers.
  • Therefore, here are a few things to remember while picking out the flowers and bouquets for your wedding.
  • Find out what kinds of flowers can be used in your wedding and when they're available.
  • You've fallen in love with one of our favourite field flowers—the ranunculus—only to learn that March isn't its prime growing time.
  • Now that you've lost such a stunning blossom, you're looking for a replacement.
  • When this happens, it's important to consider if you're more drawn to the flower because of its fullness and shape, its texture, or its colour.
  • Let's say you give an account of the floral characteristics you value most.
  • A florist will be able to suggest alternatives that are also in season at the same time.
  • If you're feeling particularly tech-savvy, use a flower identification app to record your findings.
  • Keep in mind that most bridal magazines are published and stylised every season, so you may need to enquire around to get any past issues from the years before your wedding if you want to gather ideas from publications.
  • Although the clothing may be out of style, flowers are always in bloom.
  • Take advantage of these materials to acquire the flower-related jargon used by florists and floral designers.
  • Look for flower bouquets that catch your eye and analyse them to figure out what you enjoy best.
  • Two to four weeks before the wedding, a "mock" of your bouquet and arrangements are put together.
  • You and your stylist can both benefit from making a mockup of the ultimate outcome.
  • To aid you in your festooning efforts, here are some ideas for bridal flower arrangements.
  • The traditional floral arrangements at a wedding are simple to recollect, but the unique details will leave a lasting impression on your guests.
  • These little bouquets are ideal for use as centrepieces at your wedding.
  • A stunning bouquet will be waiting for you on the morning of your wedding.
  • The day before the wedding, place an extra order for flowers and pick up a second bouquet for the bride.
  • Then, on your wedding day, beautiful blooms will greet you as you wake up.
  • On the morning of the wedding, you and your attendants will have plenty of time to take it easy and get ready.
  • You and your bridesmaids will spend this time getting ready for the big day by getting your hair and cosmetics done, eating, drinking champagne, and chatting with one another.
  • Decorate your bedroom, bathroom, and dressing room with bridal flower arrangements.
  • Miniature flower arrangements in vases can be placed about the room, or you can sprinkle edible petals in your champagne glasses.
  • Some of the wedding flowers can be used in the favours that are given out.
  • Your wedding photographer will capture the smallest details, from invites to rings to perfume bottles.
  • If there are particular blooms you'd like to see in the photographs, be sure to let the photographer know.
  • The only thing more swoon-worthy than a newlywed couple is a room filled with rose petals.
  • Have a close friend or relative drop by the room on the wedding morning and spread a small bag of flower petals on the bed.
  • Your bridesmaids will hold tiny copies of the bouquet you carry.
  • It is customary for the bride to follow the groom as they walk down the aisle.
  • That's why the flower girl always walks in front of the bridal party.
  • The flower girl will either hold a little bouquet or throw petals for the guests to step on as they enter the ceremony.
  • Numerous wedding photographs will be taken at various points along the aisle.
  • Adding floral arrangements to the aisle will make it look like something out of a fairy tale.
  • A flower ceremony is something you and your special someone might take part in.
  • Your wedding floral scheme could be inspired by customs from various cultures and eras.
  • You and your future spouse are the show's stars during this ceremony.
  • That's why it's so important for there to be a stunning backdrop.
  • Make the arbour wedding-ready by decorating it with flowers or plants as a backdrop.
  • Looking at your wedding photographs together as a married couple will always remind you of the beautiful flowers that graced your special day.
  • If you want to learn from the best wedding florists, you should follow as many of them as you can on Instagram.
  • Amazing wedding florists may be found in most major cities.
  • Talk to your wedding florist about how much you can spend on flowers.
  • You could discuss a preferred target range.
  • Try talking to some aspiring florists.
  • Look into local flower arrangement courses and floral design colleges.
  • And it creates a style that is more appropriate for the time of year.
  • In the event that the wedding flower you had your heart set on was out of season, your florist should be able to suggest suitable replacements.
  • Hire a professional florist for the bouquets and other showpieces, but handle the rest of the arrangements on your own to save money.
  • You can use herbs instead of flowers and extra foliage in your table centrepieces.
  • Candles, ribbons, old books, ornamental jars, bottles, and books are just a few of the many options for table centrepieces you might think of.


How Do I Make My Flowers Last Longer?

To make your wedding flowers last longer, ensure you keep them in a cool room away from direct sunlight and heat. Change the water in the vases every other day, and add flower food to the water to provide necessary nutrients. It is also recommended to trim the stems every few days to allow for better water uptake.

What Is The Average Cost Of Wedding Flowers?

The cost of wedding flowers can vary greatly depending on the type of flowers, the quantity, and the location. On average, couples can expect to spend between $1,500 to $5,000 on wedding flowers. However, there are ways to reduce costs, such as choosing in-season flowers, limiting the number of arrangements, and opting for non-floral decorations.

Can I Use Flowers From My Own Garden For My Wedding?

Yes, you can use flowers from your own garden in your wedding if you have a garden with suitable flowers in bloom. This can be a cost-effective and meaningful way to incorporate flowers into your special day. However, it is essential to consider the seasonality of the flowers and their availability, as well as ensure that you have enough flowers to create the desired arrangements.

How Far In Advance Should I Book My Florist?

It is recommended to book your florist at least six to eight months in advance of your wedding day to ensure availability and ample time for planning. However, some florists may require more notice, especially during peak wedding season. To secure your preferred florist, start researching and booking as early as possible.

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